Flux Surface utilises the very special qualities of Porcelain; its purity and whiteness and most unique of all, its translucency.

Simplicity of form, clean line design and a focus on quality define our simply striking ceramic lights.

Porcelain is known for is delicacy, toughness, translucency and white colour. A powerful combination of properties that have made it a precious material since the Chinese Shang Dynasty (1600-1046BC). So much so, that the secrets held at the clay pits in China were deemed so important that visitors were blindfolded off the boat to protect their secrets. Porcelain remained revered as it made its way to Japan and across Europe. And today is a specialist engineering material as an excellent insulator.

Clay is a seductive material, with a touch like silk and an appearance of cream. It is extremely fragile before it is fired yet becomes very hard when vitrified. As experienced every day in the workshop, porcelain is a cruel mistress, with a tendency to warp and move, it remembers how it has been handled and returns those inconsistencies in the kiln. It shrinks by around 15% (other stoneware clays shrink by 8-12%) meaning warping and cracking are common. A precise and tender yet resilient approach is fostered to bring porcelain works to life.