Imagine as you get in late from work, being welcomed home with a warmly lit porcelain splashback. Gently lighting your kitchen as you pour a glass of wine and unwind.

Imagine as you walk into a hotel or reception area that the company you are meeting’s logo and brand design is vivid and glowing in translucent porcelain.

Imagine ordering your drinks at that trendy bar you found, and resting your elbows on porcelain tiles that are alive with light and original design.

Flux Surface utilises the very special qualities of Porcelain; its purity and whiteness and most unique of all, its translucency, how the light shines through it when its very thin. Combined with clean line design to make unusual and striking light panels for your home.

The themes in my work have been developing over a long period, since my degree work in ceramics and metalwork, I have made large, challenging, slab-built, sculptural forms. I’m inspired by lines in the environment, the intersection of manmade and natural forms, how a bridge or road dissects the landscape or electricity pylons stringing their way through a hillside. I use a lot of water forms in my work, as I am based by the river and the sea this seems to be the natural flow. I work abstractly and linearly and often in series. I am specific about the composition of my ceramics and how a design flows through a space. An energy or a movement in a piece helps create an interesting feature.

Engagement in the built environment during my Masters in Historic Environment Conservation and a Winston Churchill Fellowship informs the work to a large degree. I travelled to the USA for 8 weeks to study applications of ceramics in architecture historically and innovation in the material today with a Winston Churchill Fellowship. The provenance and durability of architectural ceramics is inspiring and the exuberance and artistry with which ceramic sculptors and architects enhance our environment is what drives me to bring something new to the palette; translucency in architecture.

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