Amy Frankie Smith works from her studio by the Sea in Shoreham-by-Sea with her Westie, Dexter, at her feet, bringing Flux Surfaces to life. Working with the special translucent properties of porcelain to create ceramic lighting, bespoke artworks and surfaces that illuminate.

Amy is inspired by both urban landscape and architecture as well as by water and the ever changing seascapes on the beach where she lives and works. Simple lines in the landscape, enjoyed on a weekend hike or a walk on the beach form the abstracted detail in Flux Surface pieces.

“It is the most plastic of materials in its raw state, suffering itself to be shaped, with marvellous readiness, into every conceivable delicacy and variety of form and movement, yet when once fired, these forms and delicacies become everlasting; these movements and rhythms of the ornamentation preserve with the persistence every poetic and airy nothing that the creative imagination has imparted to them” Louis Sullivan c1890

Amy’s background in manufacturing ceramics for architecture helped refine her skill and understanding of clay and how ceramics behave. But more recently her Masters in Historic Environment Conservation and subsequent Winston Churchill Fellowship has been informing Flux Surface. For her Fellowship Amy travelled to the USA for 8 weeks to study applications of ceramics in architecture both historically as well as through innovation in the material today. The provenance and durability of architectural ceramics is inspiring and the exuberance and artistry with which ceramic sculptors and architects enhance our environment is what drives Amy to bring something new to the palette; translucency in architecture.

Amy is driven by quality and a desire to make every day spaces beautiful.

Friendly and enthusiastic by nature, Amy welcomes studio visits and commissioned artworks and lighting.