Glowing surfaces and artworks. Any vertical or horizontal surface can be transformed into seductive translucency, personalising a space and making a statement. Unique kitchen splashbacks, bar surfaces and low lighting areas.

Porcelain becomes traslucent when lit. The effect of the porcelain changes with the light in the room, walls becomes a living painting; striking and vibrant when strongly lit or gently glowing with subtlety for a more subdued ambiance.

Porcelain tiles are carved and shaped into any surface design. Surfaces are fully customisable, complimenting and enhancing your interior, theme, or company branding. The lighting unit is integral and serviceable and modular units are easily fitted on site. Amy Frankie Smith’s signature wave forms create flowing, interweaving shapes which take ones eye around the space creating a dynamic yet organic composition. Commissioned pieces also available, with bespoke design responding to your needs and ideas.