Porcelain pendant dome shades that glow translucent when lit.

Domes are slip cast in a large semi-spherical bowl mould and hand finished. Glazed on the outside giving a gloss, wipe clean finish. Simple and sleek the Dome Shades have interesting details in the clay from the slip casting process, that can only be seen when lit and the light shines through them.

Dome Shades give a good light and are perfect for making a feature of your dining area or adding style hung over a contemporary kitchen island. Or how about making a snug in a study or cosy corner of the living area? Best hung as a group, either in a line or at random heights as shown in the bar in the photographs.

Each shade comes with feature, oversize chrome bulb and fittings. Visit the studio shop for more details and to purchase as a set of 3. Domes can also be custom made with Amy Frankie Smith’s signature wave forms carved into the surface, please inquire if you are interested in an original set.

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