Hi, welcome to my studio! This is where I make all of Flux Surface lighting pieces

I make exclusively using porcelain, and although very focussed in outcome, the processes include a wide skill set and a perhaps surprising range of materials too. I slip cast, slab roll, make moulds, hand form and slab form, glaze as well as fire, from my space. I use wood working tools, the occasional bit of metal work and I outsource where it makes sense to, such as the laser cutting for my wall brackets.
studio bench

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New Product Profile : Droplet

My new products in the Droplet collection are prolific on the workbench. I slip cast these wee pretties every day to full-fill orders of Droplet lights as well as building up a little stock, where possible.

The first linear Droplet pendant has just been installed, an arrangement of 5 droplets of porcelain for a beautiful family home. Follow this link to see more pictures and details. The full lifestyle piece will be coming soon, its a gorgeous home, and this installation is fitting so beautifully into the space, I can’t wait to show you more!

In other product news, I’ve found a lush new ceiling rose for my largest arrangement of a 12 Droplet pendant. I’m always on the look out; sourcing new parts and great new companies to work with.

I’m also adding some new decorative cable finishes to the options currently available:

Alongside the rustic style (twisted string cord), urban style (grey linen cord) and contrast options (any brightly coloured cord). My new options are this natural linen cord (either twister or round) which I think adds a great neutral option (3rd and 4th in photo). As well as the new twisted ivory, which is sightly shiny and a super colour match to porcelain, if a scheme requires (5th in photo).

I respond to individual requirements and create entirely custom looks too. The beauty of being a small studio.

After all of the hard work that goes into the design and prototyping to make new products, it’s so good to see the finished article make its way out into the world to light up beautiful spaces. Droplet is getting a great reception already and it is so versatile as to scale and hanging arrangement, it is going to be really interesting to work with.

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