New fixtures being born!

As light shines through porcelain it glows, giving a warm diffused light that changes throughout the evening and night time. It’s an ideal material for lighting. But comes with inherent challenges.

I’m creating a pendant and wall sconce inspired by the natural movement and fragility of porcelain clay.
I know, call me nuts.

I have challenged myself to exhibit the beautiful qualities of paper like thinness and fragility, whilst creating forms that are resilient enough to survive their glaze firing of 1250 degrees C and all of the stresses and chemical changes they undergo to become ceramic from clay, and yet remain aesthetically delicate, pure and effortless.

Sounds enticing, don’t you think? May I explain…

In order for the light to shine through the ceramic body it has to be thin. Due to the large amount of contraction the clay undergoes from plastic through to high fired ceramic, porcelain is prone to cracking and warping, the thinner and larger the piece and the more it is worked or handled, increases the risk of a failure at some stage of production. Eeek.

Meet Float and Fold.
The pendant is a large levitating organic form and the wall sconces will float off the wall giving a unique and interesting shadow play. Both pendant and sconces will come in two variations: Float and Fold.
Float is simple, smooth and organic, resembling a pebble.
Fold is richer in three dimensions, crumbling in on itself, it looks more like a clam shell.

The Process so far: Having made two sets of prototypes, I am informed of the overall size and form required to both work as lights and also technically, to survive the kilns perfectly. Alongside the clay development, I have been working on the hanging mechanism and lighting configuration. I already know, however straight forward a design initially appears, its never so simple in actuality. Contemplation coffees have been required. I plan for the next fired prototype to be suitable for the prototype hanging system, once commissioned and should give me enough information to complete the design for production.

To follow my progress join me on #FluxSurfacelive on Instagram where I am posting a video each Monday exploring of the making processes. See you there x

Studio behind the Scenes #2