A new and inspiring Photo Book exploring large scale terracotta building façades across the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Full page, original photography from Amy Frankie Smith’s Winston Churchill Fellowship. View whole façades up close and architectural treasures in full colour and high photo quality detail. Travel to the top of Sullivan’s skyscrapers and see the wonders Burnham & Root achieved in clay in Chicago School triumphs, as well as classics like the Flatiron and fairy tale Deco masterpieces like the Carbon Carbide building.

Guaranty Building, Buffalo - cornice c

This photo book provides industry insights into manufacturing innovations, exploring how  designers, engineers and makers are pushing the boundaries of and enjoying the versitility of building with clay.

Articles include:
Facade design with architectural terracotta today : Alexis Harrison, Associate at Arup
Insight into Manufacturing : Jon Wilson, Shaws of Darwen
Delicate, everlasting… and illuminating : Amy Frankie Smith, Flux Surface

30 pages of vivid, full page, colour images, includes whole facades and intricate detail
250 x 200mm book, image wrap hard back. Cover price £38 plus delivery.

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