Flux Surface : Hand crafted porcelain lighting and artworks

Light up your home with beautiful Flux Surface glowing ceramic lighting. Designed with simplicity in mind, inspired by the natural world and made with precision.  Handmade fine porcelain products for every day use and unique interiors.


Handmade ceramic lights made from delicate translucent porcelain tiles. Handmade wall lights in 3 different designs: Geo, Block and Wave. Designs are impressed into the porcelain clay and where the clay is thinnest the light shines through to a greater

TILE Tea Lights

TILE Tea Lights Special, mini artworks that can either be placed on a window sill for the design to be illuminated naturally or a tea light placed behind the tile to make it glow. Our Signature Wave designs are carved


SPHERE Pendant Light Domed ceramic pendant light handmade from porcelain clay. A simple yet sophisticated and classic ceramic light. Great in kitchens, above a breakfast bar and hallways. A ceramic light giving a gorgeous glowing light for your home or